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A place to find a wide range of graphics

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Icons, FOBs, Colorbars, Textures, and more!
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Graphical_Love is a simple community, where all different kinds of graphics are posted for use on LiveJournal and sometimes other kinds of graphics will be posted for use on personal websites, myspaces etc... We also welcome the posting of useful links for any kind of help with graphics.

We also run contests, so far we have run competitions for bases, icons and buttons, but we will be running more and they may cover a wide range of topics :D

Some kinds of graphics that may be posted here are (but not limited to):
Glitter names
Website Buttons and backgrounds
Icon Resources such as bases and textures
Large Textures
and loads more...

Please note that our layout was provided by premade_ljs

The rules are easy to follow and must be adhered to, otherwise you will get two warnings before a banning... There are daft or hard to follow rules so please do take notice.

* Posts aren't friends only, most are public except for offerings and rewards to members only, so unless the rules get drastically broken then this comm will remain public. So please don't abuse the trust shown in you.

* Requests will be taken when a post offering them is made, this may be often or it may not be, it depends what is going on in the maker's life. Do not request for something that you aren't going to use or that you will take down in a week's time - this is a waste of time and effort for the maker.

* Follow the rules on each post made for whatever graphic you take, the rules are up to the individual maker.

* Hot linking will be severely frowned upon as will claiming something posted here as your own work.

* If the post asks for credit, then please do give it, afterall these graphics are FREE and posted for your use by someone else so it's the least you can do to show some respect.

* There will be no drama. No ifs ands or buts about it.

* Finally do not take drama nor requests to anyone's journal. If someone is breaking the rules and you want to report it please email Liss at liss07[at]gmail.com

Posting access is limited to makers only, if you would like to have posting
access here please apply to this post with a couple of examples of your work... We are not an elite community and are not bothered if you are an amateur or professional, we only ask that you do this so we know that you have read the rules for posting and won't be posting random entries.

There is only one rule for posting and that is if you want to promote your own community or LJ then you must also post something for our members to take at the same time in the same post. Otherwise all kinds of graphics and links are welcome.

If you get given posting access please go and join g_lovemods where we discuss changes to the community, who is running the next contest, give each other a bit of help if they need it, share information and other things like that. You must join if you get accepted!

Our Moderators are:
liss07 / liss_icons

People with posting access are (alphabetical order):

Want to be an affiliate? Then please go here. We welcome all kinds of affliates that are connected to graphics of any kind.

Our affiliates are:

If you want to link back to us please feel free to use one of these graphics
to do so, thank you if you do! If you would like to make us a button or
banner then it is much appreciated!

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